The Pursuit Of Richness | Ft. Maara & Kubera

Season 2 | EP-2

I know what’s on your mind now. No, it’s not true, though! when I say Maara, I refer to a lower-middle-class boy struggling for food day and night, not an actor or any gods. Likewise, when I say Kubera, he is just a boy born with a silver spoon, not a guy from some religious mythology. This blog is all about how these individuals facing problems while starting a startup in their respective lifestyles.


Let’s say our very own Maara has an idea to change many individuals' lives, and he decides to start a company. He is the guy who always works hard and ready to lose anything for his ambition.

He studied very hard in the school days that led him to a very reputed institute. He started doing so many freelancing works for the educational expenses and worked on his ideas day and night. He also met some investors to pitch his idea, but all he got was a red sign. He knows there is a potential market out there, so he never stopped improving the product. Life had a big plan to pull him down this time. Unfortunately, his father passed away during his final semesters. He was shocked, and he didn't know what to do next because now he had a family to take care of financially. After graduation, he took a year to improve the product, then pitched the idea to some more investors but again, red flag! After so many struggles, he couldn’t move further, So he dropped the idea, joined a company, and led an everyday life. Years passed, and like so many other Indians, he has started attending interviews for arrange marriage (These days, selecting a partner is like hiring suitable and flexible candidates).

You may ask, what happened to the dream? What on earth stopped his motivation and his desire to start a company. Well, he has few questions for the people who are reading this,

Let's see what’s going in Kubera’s life; he also has an idea to change a million lives life, but wherever he goes, he faces the same struggles that Maara had but eventually achieved his dream without anyone's support!

You may think Kubera is a rich kid. Also, he may have many potential connections, so he succeeded, and Maara failed because of the background. Well, it is a straightforward assumption to make, but that is not what happened here;

Initially, Maara had the vision to make a difference in a billion people’s lives, but after some point, all he cared about was himself and his responsibilities, and his problems pushed him into depression; after that, he never saw this world and the people as he used to see before; to be precise, he lived in his life like a nightmare.

“A Spark Isn’t A Soul’s Purpose.”

When you lose your confidence like Maara, your life may end up in hell. So don’t look for an excuse to avoid something you love; Always fight for what you love:)

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Muniyappan Mani

Muniyappan Mani

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